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This site was origanally build as a news source on Google. But it was to hard for us to keep up with it's fast development.
Still, this site is of great value on the history of Google and all it's components. We keep it published for nostalgia.
You might also be interested in visiting the pages on this google resources site,
or alternatively have a look at our SEO blog in Dutch.
Almost forgot, my son made this great website about PHP scripts.
Note: This site has been put online again after 9 years, The info given is not always correct anymoere
Also the links might not work anymoere (they are all do-follow< at the time nofollow did not exist... :)
We wanted to put it online again as a legacy.
an even older index of this site

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Sitemap, Google Add Urls Google viewer...

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Domains, Fake and Parody...

Funny logo's, Google history...

Other Google services
Adwords-Answers, Froogle-Compute...

Pagerank, Toolbar...

Forums, Blogs...

Google in articles
Persons-Research, News-articles...

The Dance
Dance check tool, Dance 2002 pictures...

Api's, Ip adresses...

Germany, China...

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PHP scripts
My son's website about php scripts download


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