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  • Check Elgoog here, the real googlemirror alltooflat.com/geeky/elgoog/
  • Find "dead" and "old" links in this fabulous archive! archive.org, the "wayback"-machine
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    At the time Google is DANCING,that is when the index is been updated (about every 28 days) these show different results

    Google in Forums

  • Forum 1 searchengineforums.com, a very informative place to stay, with nice and helpfull people on the board, experienced knowledge
  • Forum 2 webmasterworld.com, the bussiest forum on Google, sometimes visited by a Google employee
  • Forum 3 ihelpyouservices.com
  • Forum 4
  • German forum suchmaschinentricks.de
  • French forum allhtml.com
  • French 2 webrankinfo.com
  • French 3 promo-web.org
  • supportforums supportforums.org
  • Cre8asite google-forum cre8asiteforums.com
  • Open Directory public Forum-dmoz resource-zone.com
  • webpromotie.com Nederlands forum webpromotie.com
  • another forum sfforums.web-shorts.com

    Google Blogs

  • 1st Google Weblog Amalgamation of current news and related links.
  • Google weblog in spanish trucosdegoogle.blogspot.com
  • Google weblog in french- en francais weblog.1ere-position.com
  • Korean weblog google.pe.kr
  • Japanese google log www.hatena.org
  • another weblog

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  • misc
  • news
  • rec, spellen hobby's
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  • talk, nieuws e.d.
  • volledige lijst
  • google-friends op yahoo
  • Search through 700 million messages
  • Archive of 20 years
  • Google groups simplifier
  • Google friend at yahoo
  • Yahoo groups - googlepress
  • Usenet google.public.programming-contest - news: - Google Groups
  • Usenet google.public.translators - news: - Google Groups
  • Usenet google.public.support.general - news: - Google Groups
  • Usenet google.public.labs.glossary - news: - Google Groups
  • Usenet google.public.labs.sets - news: - Google Groups
  • Usenet google.public.labs.voice-search - news: - Google Groups
  • Usenet google.public.labs.keyboard-shortcuts - news: - Google Groups

  • BBC News: Digital History Saved - "Millions of messages posted on electronic bulletin boards over the past 20 years have been saved from digital oblivion."
  • Google Groups - Enables users to search and browse the Usenet archives which consist of over 700 million messages, and post new comments.
  • Google Groups Simplifier - Simplifies Google Groups' URLs for easier inclusion in e-mails/posts/web pages. With bookmarklet.

  • Internet Magazine: Google Archive Opens Up Internet History - "In what equates to a fascinating history of the Internet, Google has just finished integrating 20 years of Usenet archives into Google Groups. That's 700 million messages. And what an interesting collection of articles it is!" (December 13, 2001)
  • NewsFactor: Google Puts Blast from Internet's Past Online - Jay Lyman's article: "The Google Groups Usenet archive takes surfers on a two-decades-long ride through the early history of the Internet - before there was a World Wide Web." (December 13, 2001)
  • Gulp! Early Archive of Net Rants and Raves Restored - "A virtual treasure chest of over 700 million message postings, chronicling everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Pee Wee Herman jokes, has been restored on the Internet, much to the delight of Net fans." From CNet, via Reuters. (December 12, 2001)
  • Wired News: Google's Gaggle of Discussions - "Geek-beloved search site Google has fully recovered from last year's public relations gaffe by giving Internet historians exactly what they wanted and more: the most comprehensive collection of Usenet posts available on the Internet." (December 11, 2001)
  • Panida: Google Groups Opens Up for Posting Usenet Messages - Finally, you can post Usenet messages at Google. (May 22, 2001)
  • NewsBreaks: Google Seeks to Restore Deja Functionality - Richard W. Wiggins' article: "Since the February acquisition, Google has restored some of the lost searching functionality, and the company also says that by mid-May users of the Google Usenet index will have the ability to post new messages." (May 14, 2001)
  • The Write News: Google Provides Access to Full Usenet Archives - Google, a provider of search technology, announced that it has integrated the full Usenet archive formerly maintained by Deja.com with recent posts to provide complete access to Usenet data since 1995. (May 4, 2001)
  • Silicon Alley News: Deja Usenet Archives Restored on Google - "To the delight (and possible consternation) of old-school Usenet fans, Web search site Google has restored more than 650 million individual messages dating back to 1995 that were acquired from New York-based Deja.com." (April 30, 2001)
  • New York Times: Privacy Concerns for Google Archive - Susan Stellin's article: "Being able to search archived postings online raises questions about the implications of increasingly sophisticated search technology." (April 7, 2001)
  • CNet: Deja.com Struggles After Google Buyout - Stefanie Olsen's article: "Deja.com, a popular newsgroup search service, has been hit with glitches after its buyout this week by Web search provider Google, ruffling the feathers of some longtime customers." (February 15, 2001)


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