This Google info page about the Google Toolbar and Pagerank, socalled PR

Future Pagerank Checker

 PLEASE NOTE:  This tool will provide an estimation of the future PageRank and should not be considered precise.
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  • Google Knowledgebase webmasterworld.com/forum3
  • Google's sitemap google.com/sitemap.html
  • Check Elgoog here, the real googlemirror alltooflat.com/geeky/elgoog/
  • Find "dead" and "old" links in this fabulous archive! archive.org, the "wayback"-machine
  • Forum 1 searchengineforums.com
  • Forum 2 webmasterworld.com
  • www-www2 en www3 google.fergusons.dk
    At the time Google is DANCING,that is when the index is been updated (about every 28 days) these show different results


  • Pageranking in pdf
  • Pagerank calculator (offline?)
  • Pagearanking in pdf-2
  • Pageranking in pdf-3
  • Pageranking-4
  • Pageranking--5
  • agerank explained Ian Rogers' paper attempts to explain how PR is calculated, and includes example source code to illustrate his arguments.
  • Pageranking--6
  • Pageranking--7
  • Pageranking--8
  • Pageranking--9
  • Pageranking--10--pdf
  • Pageranking--11--pdf
  • Pageranking-12
  • Pagerank explained by blackboxgroup
  • Pagerank tutorial
  • Pagerank calculator
  • PageRank for sale
  • pr.efactory
  • pagerank algorithm
  • Pagerank figuring guide
  • http://www.google.com/search?q=http://
  • Estimating your pagerank
  • google integrity pr
  • pagerank uncovered
  • Pagerank, Google's original sin
  • PR citation ranking
  • Efficient computation of pr
  • Ranking analysis algo
  • Voelspriet about pr


  • Download de toolbarYou MUST have this
  • How the toolbar works
  • Forum on the toolbar
  • Experimental toolbarnew
  • Discussion on Toolbar Security advisory documenting multiple vulnerabilities in the software. The problems have been fixed in versions after 1.1.58.
  • Toolbar guide
  • Revision history
  • Security hole in toolbar
  • Summary of it


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        updated 01-03-2018

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