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  • Buy Google search engine for your own use!
  • Google-set-vista
  • Google-toolVery nice!
  • Google spider ip adresses
  • Developing with Google
  • Google Web APIs
  • Google-ware
  • Touchgraph Googlebrowser
  • Add Google to your site
  • Google MonitorDangerous to use
  • Free Google search tool
  • Search all 8 google's at once!!
  • A Googlebox-asp on your site
  • DentedReality: XooMLe - Allows access to the API via a REST-like interface, with results returned in XML.
  • Floogle - Uses the Web API to allow users to search through Google's entire database with results displayed in a Flash interface.
  • Geoff's GoogleDuel - Takes two search terms and shows which one is the most popular according to Google. Implementation using PHP with source code available.
  • Geographic Search - This software, that won the 2002 Google Programming Contest, allows Google users to find web pages that are located within a specific geographic locale. Source code is distributed under the GNU GPL.
  • GooFresh - Interface for restricting searches to sites added recently to the Google index.
  • Google API Proximity Search - Perl script uses the Google API to search Google for two search terms that appear within a certain distance from each other on a page. Includes source code.
  • Google API Relation Browsing Outliner - Perl script that searches Google for pages that are either related to or linked to a given URL. Then, the same operations can be performed on the results. With source code.
  • Google API Search Tool - Free standalone tool to search Google. Requires a license key.
  • Google API Web Search by Host - Perl script that uses the API to search Google for a query string, and returns a list of the web hosts found in the set of results. Users can then expand any of these hosts and display only the results from that host. With source.
  • Google Dance Machine - Facilitates searching of all Google servers simultaneously. Includes additional options for German speakers. Requires frames.
  • Google Index - Java program which uses the API to produce dynamic indices of two example sites. Includes documentation, downloadable source and binary.
  • Google Poetry - Enter a query and it returns the titles of results into poetry.
  • Google Relatedness - Calculates how related two given words are by using the API. Requires the Mozilla browser.
  • Googlebar - Created to be used with Netscape 6/Mozilla, this unofficial software emulates many features of the Google Toolbar. Screenshots, downloads, and wishlist.
  • Googolator - Displays 5 search results from Google via AOL Instant Messenger.
  • GooRoo Search - Accepts search queries in English, provides Russian translations, and allows users to search for the term at Google.
  • Interconnected: Googlematic - Enables searching of Google via AIM or MSN Messenger. Displays the top five results for a given query.
  • Joogle - Interface which translates users' search queries into Japanese and then enables searching for these terms with Google.
  • Mangle Random Link Generator - Displays a random web site from Google's archive. Powered by the Web API.
  • OnFocus.com: Google Smackdown - Takes two words or phrases as input, queries Google via its API, and receives the estimated total results for each word or phrase to show which one is most popular.
  • Page Rank Calculator - Webmaster tool for calculating the PR of a web site. Includes description of how PageRank works and related links.
  • Random Google Bounce - Selects a random page from the Google database and displays it in a frame.
  • Random Google Image Finder - Generates random search queries for Google's Image Search. Users can specify the type of filtering they want.
  • Random Google Page - Uses a given amount of terms to select a 'random' page from the index.
  • Random Google Search Thing - Generates random search queries for a user-defined number of search terms. The PHP source code is available.
  • RooDolF - Uses the API to return Google results in RDF format. The schema is available.
  • YIMGoogle - Java-based bot on Yahoo IM that searches Google for a given search term and returns the first five results.
  • Another dance tool
  • Advanced website position reporter
  • Free ranking report
  • Adwords position checker
  • Googlebot analyzer
  • Google position checker
  • Poodle predictor
  • about Poodle
  • Googlert
  • Another website covering the same google tools i mentioned above..:)

    Goolge Api's

  • Google Web APIs Official site. Includes developer's kit, terms and conditions, and FAQ.
  • Building a J2EE Web Services Client Using WebSphere - Part 1 of a series for J2EE developers using WebSphere Studio Application Developer to access the Google Web Api. Focus is on setting up and generating Java proxy and data classes.
  • CapeScience: GoogleMail - Allows access to Google via e-mail. Built using the Web APIs.
  • Flash MX API - Tutorial on accessing the Google API with Macromedia Flash MX.
  • Google API client for ColdFusion - A ColdFusion CFX tag to access the Google web API.
  • Google Web API Example - Provides a platform independent and an easy-to-use C and C++ interface to the API. Includes sources and instructions for use.
  • GoogleAPI JS Class - Code for a JavaScript Class for Mozilla.
  • Googlebox js - Create a GoogleBox on your own site using javascript. Requires a developer license key.
  • Google2RSS - .NET framework based command-line tool that transforms a query using the Google Web API to RSS 0.91.
  • GoogleSearch.pl - Perl code demonstrating the use of the doGoogleSearch method on the Google API.
  • How to Use the Google API in Movable Type - Features sample source code.
  • Mozilla SOAP/Google API Demos - Demonstrations of Mozilla's built-in SOAP tools in conjunction with the API.
  • Patch For Google APIs to Handle Proxy Settings - Unofficial patch that allows the API to be used in conjunction with proxies.
  • PHP Implementation of the Google Web API - Sample code for accessing the Google Web API via PHP.
  • PyGoogle - Python wrapper for the Google Web API.
  • Quasimondo - Flash Based Google Widget - Sourcecode for a banner-sized flash file based on Flash and PHP that uses the Google API.
  • Radio UserLand: Using the Google API with Radio and Frontier - Overview and sample code.
  • Ruby/Google - Library aiming to make the API more accessible to Ruby programmers. Includes source code, demonstrations, and a copy of the API Reference.
  • Sebastian Bergmann: SOAP_Google - Source code for a class-based PHP Google web API interface.
  • SoapWare.Org: Google API - Links to implementations and applications.
  • WebReference.com: Google Web APIs - Tutorial on using the APIs with XML.

  • O'Reilly Network: Google Web API - Technical explanation and sample code in Java and Perl. (May 17, 2002)
  • The Google API Is a Two-Way Street - John Udel's article about the API's uses, how it fits in to the 'bigger picture' of Web services, and the importance of metadata. (April 29, 2002)
  • XML.com: Google's Gaffe - The author attempts to show that a Google API based on XML, HTTP and URIs can be simpler to use, more efficient, and more powerful. (April 24, 2002)
  • CNet: Developers Dig in to Google's Toolbox - Stefanie Olsen's article: "Imagine retrieving up-to-the-second results for all of your Web searches, or personalizing a high-powered navigation system for your desktop." (April 17, 2002)
  • DaveNet: What's Next After the Google API? - Opinion piece by Dave Winer. (April 13, 2002)
  • Enterprise News: Google Continues Flirt with Web Developers - Ryan Naraine's article: "With eyes firmly fixed on winning the approval of the Web developer community, search technology favorite Google has launched a Web API service using the SOAP and WSDL standards." (April 12, 2002)


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